•   Scanning time of 1 ms for 20 k steps
    The program of 20 k steps can be executed in 1 ms. The result is a
    dramatically decreased tact time and high-speed device.
    ● Large programming capacity of up to 120 k steps.
    Both the large programming capacities of 32 k, 60 k and 120 k are available
    depending on the model.
    ● Optional small PC card is also available.
    The small PC card is available for programming backup or data memory
    expansion. This allows data processing of great amounts of data.
    ● Built-in comment and calendar timer functions.
    These functions, options with the FP2, are built right into the FP2SH.
    * The I/O units and intelligent units are the same for the FP2 series.

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