Abundant program capacity: 32 k steps
The 32 k steps program capacity can accommodate an increase in the number of
programs accompanying functionality enhancements, expansions, or changes of equipment.
● Equipped with an independent comment memory
All of 100,000 I/O comments, 5,000 lines of block comments, and 5,000 lines
of remark comments are saved in FPΣ together with programs.
● Equipped with a high-speed RISC processor
Equipped with a RISC processor, achieving high-speed processing with a
scan time of less than 2 ms approx. for 5,000 steps
● High-speed positioning unit
The 4 Mpps maximum frequency and start up speed of 0.005 ms allow use
for linear servo control.
● Simple temperature control
A temperature control program can be written in only one line by using the PID
instruction F356 (EZPID), facilitating temperature control by a PLC, which
had previously been considered difficult.

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