Why we Choose Panasonic PLC

Panasonic PLC is made by Panasonic Electric Works,a international Corporation all over the world.

Any People use Panasonic PLC?

I found there are many people talk about Siemens, Mitsubishi PLC. Few people mentioned about Panasonic PLC. Siemens/Mitsubishi brand I think their advantage is in module PLC. After all such as Mitsubishi PLC is used for military industry at the beginning of it’s produced. However in civil field, especially in mini/micro PLC, Panasonic has their own advantage.it is more economy, humanized. Pulse output is easy to use. It is better in FPX module if you need temperature control function. It is also very convenience if you need communicate with different brand by Modbus.

Also their programming software control Fpwin gr7 is easy to use, you can download free if you want to learn from our website.


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